Postdoctoral openings in "Scattering amplitudes and on-shell methods in quantum field theory, gravity, and strings"

We invite applications for a two-year postdoctoral position to begin October 2018 in the domain of scattering amplitudes and on-shell methods in quantum field theory, gravity, and strings, with focus on supersymmetric Yang-Mills, integrability, QCD, or perturbative string theory.


The postdoctoral fellowship will be funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), and may have the possibility of extension to a third year.


We encourage applications from candidates with technically strong backgrounds in other areas of high-energy physics.


The grant is held jointly by a group at the Institut de Physique Théorique (IPhT) at Saclay in the Paris suburbs, and at the Theoretical Physics Department of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Paris, consisting of Benjamin Basso, Gregory Korchemsky, David A. Kosower, and Pierre Vanhove.


The postdoctoral researcher will be expected to collaborate with members from both institutions. Both the IPhT and the ENS are broad-based departments comprising theoretical physicists in a broad range of domains including particle phenomenology, cosmology, string theory, conformal field theory, statistical mechanics, integrable models, and condensed matter in addition to amplitudes and perturbative QCD.


Further information is available at and


Applications should include a CV, a statement of research interests, and a list of publications. In addition, applicants should also arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to . All materials should be supplied electronically.


Applications and letters of reference should be received by December 1, 2017 in order to receive full consideration.


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Benjamin Basso ( )




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