10 dernières publications

t19/063 Far-from-equilibrium noise heating and laser cooling dynamics in radio-frequency Paul traps,
Maitra A., Leibfried D., Ullmo D., Landa H.
Phys. Rev. A 99 043421 (2019)

t19/062 Controlling the potential landscape and normal modes of ion Coulomb crystals by a standing wave optical potential,
Lauprêtre T., Linnet R. B., Leroux I. D., Landa H., Dantan A., Drewsen M.
Phys. Rev. A 99 031401 (2019)

t19/060 Can a periodically driven particle resist laser cooling and noise?,
Maitra A., Leibfried D., Ullmo D., Landa H.

t19/059 Multistability of Driven-Dissipative Quantum Spins,
Landa H., Schiro M., Misguich G.

t19/057 Anomaly Inflow for M5-branes on Punctured Riemann Surfaces,
Bah.I, Bonetti F, Minasian R., Nardoni E.

t19/056 pT-Dependent Particle Number Fluctuations From Principal Component Analyses in Hydrodynamic Simulations of Heavy-Ion Collisions,
Gardim Fernando G., Grassi F., Ishida P., Luzum M., Ollitrault J.-Y.

t19/055 Twenty-Vertex model with domain wall boundaries and domino tilings,
Di Francesco P., Guitter E.

t19/054 Mirroring Towers: The Calabi-Yau Geometry of the multiloop Sunset Feynman Integrals,
Vanhove P.

t19/053 Parrondo games as disordered systems,
Luck J.M.

t19/052 Large genus behavior of topological recursion,
Eynard B.


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