10 dernières publications

t19/017 Effective field theory for gravitational radiation in scalar-tensor gravity,
Kuntz A., Piazza F., Vernizzi F.

t19/016 New paradigm for fluctuations in heavy-ion collisions,
Giacalone G., Guerrero-Rodriguez P., Luzum M., Marquet C., Ollitrault J.-Y.

t19/014 Coverage fluctuations in theater models,
Krapivsky P. L., Luck J.M.

t19/013 Amplitudes’ Positivity and the Weak Gravity Conjecture,
Bellazzini B., Lewandowski M., Serra J.

t19/012 Storage capacity in symmetric binary perceptrons,
Aubin B., Perkins W., Zdeborova L.

t19/011 Generalisation dynamics of online learning in over-parameterised neural networks,
Goldt S., Advani Madhu S., Saxe A. M., Krzakala F., Zdeborova L.

t19/010 Passed & Spurious: analysing descent algorithms and local minima in spiked matrix-tensor model,
Manelli S., Krzakala F., Urbani P., Zdeborova L.

t19/008 Critical factors for mitigating car traffic in cities,
Verbavatz V., Barthélémy M.

t19/007 Lyman-alpha power spectrum as a probe of modified gravity,
Brax P., Valageas P.

t19/001 Large Deviations for dynamical fluctuations of Open Markov processes, with application to random cascades on trees,
Monthus C.
J. Phys. A 52 025001 (2019)


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