10 dernières publications

t19/119 Hall coefficient signals orbital differentiation in the Hund's metal Sr2RuO4,
Zingl M., Mravlje J., Aichhorn M., Parcollet O., Georges A.

t19/118 A Quantum Monte Carlo algorithm for out-of-equilibrium Green's functions at long times,
Bertrand C., Parcollet O., Maillard A., Waintal X.

t19/117 Reconstructing non-equilibrium regimes of quantum many-body systems from the analytical structure of perturbative expansions,
Bertrand C., Florens S., Parcollet O., Waintal X.

t19/116 Enhancement of Local Pairing Correlations in Periodically Driven Mott Insulators,
Peronaci F., Parcollet O., Schiro M.

t19/115 Magnetic response of Sr2RuO4: quasi-local spin fluctuations due to Hund's coupling,
Strand H., Zingl M., Wentzell N., Parcollet O., Georges A.

t19/114 Cancellation of vacuum diagrams and long-time limit in out-of-equilibrium diagrammatic Quantum Monte Carlo,
Moutenet A., Seth P., Ferrero M., Parcollet O.

t19/113 Revisiting classical and quantum disordered systems from the unifying perspective of large deviations,
Monthus C.
Eur. Phys. J. B 92 149 (2019)

t19/112 Asymmetric scaling in large deviations for rare values bigger or smaller than the typical value,
Monthus C.

t19/111 Real-Space Renormalization for disordered systems at the level of Large Deviations,
Monthus C.

t19/110 Statistical physics of long dynamical trajectories for a system in contact with several thermal reservoirs,
Monthus C.


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