10 dernières publications

t18/169 Scaling laws for weakly disordered 1D flat bands,
Luck J.M.

t18/168 ,

t18/148 Feynman integrals, toric geometry and mirror symmetry,
Vanhove P.

t18/144 Gravitational Wave Decay into Dark Energy,
Creminelli P., Lewandowski M., Tambalo G., Vernizzi F.

t18/143 ,

t18/142 On the weak gravity conjecture in string theory with broken supersymmetry,
Bonnefoy Q., Dudas E., Lust S.

t18/141 Approximate message-passing for convex optimization with non-separable penalties,
Manoel A., Krzakala F., Varoquaux G., Thirion B., Zdeborova L.

t18/140 Approximate Survey Propagation for Statistical Inference,
Antenucci F., Krzakala F., Urbani P., Zdeborova L.

t18/139 Typology of phase transitions in Bayesian inference problems,
Ricci-Tersenghi F., Semerjian G., Zdeborova L.

t18/138 The committee machine: Computational to statistical gaps in learning a two-layers neural network,
Aubin B., Maillard A., barbier J., Krzakala F., Macris N., Zdeborova L.


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