10 dernières publications

t19/169 Indistinguishable photons from a trapped-ion quantum network node,
Sangouard N.

t19/168 Higher-derivative couplings in string theory: five-point contact terms,
Liu J.T., Minasian R.

t19/167 An update on moduli stabilization with antibrane uplift,
Dudas E., Lust S.

t19/166 Modeling SNS junctions and Andreev bound states using two impurities and the T -matrix formalism,
Pinon S., Kaladzhyan.V, Bena C.

t19/165 Surface Green's functions and boundary modes using impurities: Weyl semimetals and topological insulators,
Pinon S., Kaladzhyan.V, Bena C.

t19/164 Obtaining Majorana and other boundary modes from the metamorphosis of impurity-induced states: exact solutions via T-matrix,
Kaladzhyan.V, Bena C.

t19/163 Infinite Black Hole Entropies at Infinite Distances and Tower of States,
Bonnefoy Q., Ciambelli L., Lüst D., Lust S.

t19/161 Time-resolved Bell Correlation Spectroscopy of Molecular Vibrations,
Velez T. S., Sudhir V., Sangouard N., Galland C.

t19/160 Topological Recursion, Airy structures in the space of cycles,
Eynard B.

t19/159 On multidimensional record patterns,
Krapivsky P. L., Luck J.M.


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