10 dernières publications

t19/028 Maximum-energy records in glassy energy landscapes,
Hatarsky I., Baity-Jesi M., Ravasio M., Billoire A., Biroli G.

t19/027 Primordial non-Gaussianity in heavy-ion collisions,
Bhalerao R.S., Giacalone G., Ollitrault J.-Y.

t19/026 Microscopic Fluctuation Theory (mFT) for interacting Poisson processes,
Monthus C.
J. Phys. A 135003 (2019)

t19/025 Large Deviations for the density and the current in Non-Equilibrium-Steady-States on disordered rings,
Monthus C.
J. Stat. Mech. (2019)

t19/023 Relating eccentricity fluctuations to density fluctuations in heavy-ion collisions,
Bhalerao R.S., Giacalone G., Guerrero-Rodriguez P., Luzum M., Marquet C., Ollitrault J.-Y.

t19/022 Massive Higher Spins: Effective Theory and Consistency,
Bellazzini B., Riva F., Sgarlata, F.

t19/021 Superstratum Symbiosis,
Heidmann P., Warner N.P.

t19/020 ,
Heidmann P., Warner N.P.

t19/019 Microstate geometries at a generic point in moduli space,
bossard G., Lust S.

t19/018 New edge asymptotics of skew Young diagrams via free boundaries,
Betea D., Bouttier J., Nejjar P., Vuletić V.


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