10 dernières publications

t23/112 On the structure factor of jammed particle configurations on the one-dimensional lattice,
Luck J.M.

t23/109 Estimating major merger rates and spin parameters ab initio via the clustering of critical events,
Cadiou C., Eric Pichon-Pharabod, Pichon C., Pogosyan D.

t23/108 Returns to the origin of the P'olya walk with stochastic resetting,
Godrèche C., Luck J.M.

t23/107 IPhT Lectures on Naturalness,
D Agnolo T. R.

t23/105 IPhT Lectures on Naturalness,
D Agnolo T. R.

t23/104 Distinguishing models with muon to electron observables,
Ardu M., Davidson S., Lavignac S.

t23/102 Replicating a renewal process at random times,
Godrèche C., Luck J.M.

t23/101 Dilepton polarization as a signature of plasma anisotropy,
Coquet M., Xiaojian D., Ollitrault J.-Y., Schlichting S., Winn M.

t23/100 Microstrata,
Ganchev B., Giusto S., Houppe A., Russo R., Warner N.P.

t23/099 Quantum kinetic theory with interactions for massive vector bosons,
Wagner D., Weickgenannt N., Speranza E.


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