Publication : t90/126

Renormalization group treatment of entropic interactions in lamellar phases

David F. ()
Functional renormalization group is applied to study entropic interactions in lamellar phases consisting in a stack of tensionless fluid membranes. This approach allows to recover Helfrich's formula for the steric free energy of a layer per unit area $f(d)=c_\infty (k_BT)^2/\kappa d^2$ (where d is the mean distance between layers) and to estimate analytically the universal coefficient $c_\infty$. Our estimate $c_\infty\simeq .0810$ is much closer to the estimates extracted from Monte Carlo simulations $c_\infty\simeq .106$ than to the original estimate of Helfrich $c_\infty=3\pi^2/128$.
Année de publication : 1990
Revue : J. Physique 51 115-118 (1990)
Atelier - Communication invitée : International Workshop on Geometry and Interfaces ; Aussois, France ; 1990-09-17 / 1990-09-22
DOI : 10.1051/jphyscol:1990711
Lien :
Langue : Anglais
NB : 51, C7, (115-118)
Editeurs : Dubois-Violette E., Pansu B.

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