Publication : t04/141

Topological M Theory from Pure Spinor Formalism

Grassi P.A. (Theory Division, European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN, CH-1211 Genève 23, Switzerland (Suisse))
Vanhove P. (CEA, DSM, SPhT (Service de Physique Théorique), F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, FRANCE)
We construct multiloop superparticle amplitudes in 11d using the pure spinor formalism. We explain how this construction reduces to the superparticle limit of the multiloop pure spinor superstring amplitudes prescription. We then argue that this construction points to some evidence for the existence of a topological M theory based on a relation between the ghost number of the full-fledged supersymmetric critical models and the dimension of the spacetime for topological models. In particular, we show that the extensions at higher orders of the previous results for the tree and one-loop level expansion for the superparticle in 11 dimensions is related to a topological model in 7 dimensions.
Année de publication : 2005
Revue : Adv. Theor. Math. Phys. 9 285-313 (2005)
Preprint : arXiv:hep-th/0411167
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Numéro Exterieur : CERN-PH-TH/2004-204 ; YITP-SB-04-62
Langue : Anglais

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