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Marc Barthelemy is a former student of the Ecole Normale Superieure of Paris. In 1992, he graduated at the University of Paris VI with a thesis in theoretical physics titled "Random walks in random media". After his thesis, Marc Barthelemy focused on disordered systems and their properties. In 1999, he visited Prof. Stanley at Boston University and started to work on the properties of complex networks. Since 1992, he has held a position at the CEA (Paris) where his interests moved towards applications of statistical physics to complex systems. In particular, he  worked on complex networks, theoretical epidemiology, and other problems in urban systems.

Research themes

  • Statistical physics of complex systems
  • Complex networks
  • Theoretical epidemiology

Scientific publications

  • Full list of publications and bibliometrics here
  • Book: Dynamical processes in complex networks

Alain Barrat, Marc Barthelemy, Alessandro Vespignani

Cambridge University Press (2008).


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