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Catherine Pépin

  Researcher in Theoretical Physics- Condensed Matter

I am  doing research in  theoretical condensed matter physics, in the area of emergent quantum phenomena. I am interested in zero temperature phase transitions, called Quantum Critical Points, and particularly in heavy fermion systems and high Tc superconductors.

Subjects I am currently working on:
  • Quantum Critical Points in Heavy Fermion compounds
  • Bosonization and supersymmetry
  • Scaling and Renormalization Group for non relativistic fermions close to a QCP
  • Eliashberg theory of itinerant electron quantum critical points
catherine pepin
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Catherine Pépin
Institut de Physique Théorique
Orme des Merisiers
CEA - Saclay
F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette - FRANCE

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