Postdoctoral position in "Neutrino Phenomenology"

Deadline: 2020-12-13

Job description:


The Institut de Physique Théorique (IPhT) of CEA/Saclay and the IJCLab (Orsay) invite applications for a two-year postdoctoral position in neutrino phenomenology, starting in Fall 2021. The successful candidate will work in the framework of the BSM-Nu project ( funded by the Excellence Laboratory P2IO, which gathers neutrino experimentalists and phenomenologists in the Paris-Saclay area and aims at identifying hints of new physics in neutrino experimental data.

The successful candidate is expected to devote a significant part of her/his work to the study of new physics effects in neutrino oscillation experiments, in collaboration with the IPhT theorists and the DUNE group of IJCLab. He/she will be based at IPhT and have the opportunity to interact with the neutrino theorists and experimentalists of the Paris-Saclay area, which are involved in oscillation (JUNO, T2K, DUNE, T2HK), neutrinoless double beta decay (CUPID) and coherent neutrino-nucleus elastic scattering (Ricochet, NUCLEUS) experiments.

Applications should be made by December 13th through the AcademicJobsOnline portal:

Contact: Stéphane Lavignac 

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