Publication : t12/129

Vacuum configurations of string theory in the presence of fluxes

Orsi F. (CEA, IPhT (Institut de Physique Théorique), F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, France)
This thesis revolves around investigating some aspects of both supersymmetric and non- supersymmetric flux vacua of type II string theory. After providing the relevant definition of a vacuum in this setting, the framework of Generalized Complex Geometry is exposed: we review in particular the differential conditions for vacua in the presence of fluxes in this language, and we discuss their relation to integrability of the associated structures. We then survey a natural extension able to include the whole flux content into a geomet- rical picture, known as Exceptional Generalized Geometry. Fluxes are recovered in this context as a twisting of the Levi-Civita operator, from which a set of differential equations for the relevant algebraic structures is derived. These are carefully compared with the known supersymmetric constraints that a vacuum should satisfy in both cases of = 1, 2 Nsupersymmetries. Motivated by the application of the AdS/CFT correspondence with a reduced amount of supercharges, we obtain an effective five-dimensional supersymmetric theory, and we demonstrate in particular how a specific ansatz largely used in the string theory literature can be naturally embedded in it. We then investigate the supergravity dual to a metastable supersymmetry-breaking state by considering the most general first- order deformations of a supersymmetric solution, in order to single out the backreaction of anti-D2 branes. We conclude that unavoidable infrared singularities arise in view of the presence of anti-D2 branes perturbing the underlying supersymmetric background. Cette thse se propose de prsenter une contribution ltude des tats fondamentaux tant supersymtriques que non-supersymtriques de la thorie des cordes. Nous introduisons la dfinition dtat fondamental en thorie des cordes, et nous passons ensuite en revue le formalisme de la Gomtrie Complexe Gnralise. Nous discutons des conditions diffrentielles caractrisant les tats fondamentaux en prsence de flux dans ce contexte, et leur relation lintgrabilit des structures associes. Est ensuite introduite une extension de ces constructions connue sous le nom de Gomtrie Gnralise Exceptionnelle. La totalit des flux est driv comme une torsion de loprateur de Levi-Civita, partir de laquelle un ensemble dquations diffrentielles pour les structures algbriques pertinentes est driv. Ces derniers sont ensuite compares avec les restrictions quun tat du vide supersymtrique doit satisfaire en prsence de = 1, 2 supercharges. Ayant en vue Nltude de la correspondance AdS/CFT, on obtient une thorie effective en cinq dimensions despace-temps, et nous montrons comment un ansatz largement utilis en thorie des cordes apparait comme faisant partie de notre thorie effective. Nous allons ensuite tudier la solution de supergravit dual un tat brisant la supersymtrie de manire mtastable, par lidentification des dformations gnriques au premier ordre, de ce qui nous isolons leffet dantiD2 branes. Notre analyse rvle des singularits infrarouges invitables en raison de la raction des anti-branes.
Année de publication : 2012
Soutenance de thse : 2012-02-02
Langue : Anglais
NB : Directeur de thse: Mariana GRANA. Universit Paris-7. ED 107.

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