Publication : t03/189

Gravitational lensing; from $\mu$-lensing to cosmic shear experiments

Bernardeau F. (CEA, DSM, SPhT (Service de Physique Théorique), F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, FRANCE)
These notes present the physics of gravitational lensing in various cosmological contexts. The equations and approximations that are commonly used to describe the displacement field or the amplification effects are presented. Several observational applications are discussed. They range from micro-lensing effects to cosmic shear detection that is a weak lensing effect induced by the large-scale structure of the Universe. The scientific perspectives of this latter application are presented in some details.
Année de publication : 2003
Cours : NATO Advanced Study Institute / Cargčse School on Frontiers of the Universe (Cosmology 2003) ; Cargčse, France ; 2003-09-08 / 2003-09-20
Keywords : Cosmology; Lensing; Large-scale structure; Cosmic Shear; Dark matter; Dark energy; Perturbation Theory
Langue : Anglais
Editeurs : Blanchard A., Einasto J.

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