Publication : t87/171

Crumpling transition in elastic membranes: renormalization group treatment

David F. ()
Guitter E. ()
A field-theoretical model describing elastic membranes (2D membranes with inplane crystalline order and bending rigidity kappa) is presented and its renormalization studied. For large dimension D of bulk space, it is shown to have a nontrivial ultraviolet fixed point, that we associate to a second-order crumpling transition. This transition separates a crumpled phase for small kappa (characterized by an infinite Hausdorff dimension DH) from a rigid phase for large kappa (characterized by DH = 2 and spontaneous breaking of rotational invariance). The prediction for DH at the transition for large D is in reasonable agreement with numerical estimates at D = 3 and an exact result at D = 2.
Année de publication : 1988
Revue : Europhys. Lett. 5 709-713 (1988)
DOI : 10.1209/0295-5075/5/8/008
Langue : Anglais


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