Publication : t19/229

Lorentzian methods in conformal field theory

Rychkov S. (LPT-ENS)
Paraphrasing Alexander Polyakov, "Conformal Field Theory is a way to learn about elementary particles by studying boiling water". There is a technical statement behind this joke: Euclidean Conformal Field Theory, under certain conditions, can be rotated to the Lorentzian signature, and vice versa. This means that even statistical physicists studying finite-temperature phase transitions on a lattice should learn about the Minkowski space! The goal of this course will be to explain various classical and recent results pertaining to this somewhat surprising conclusion. * Plan of the course: - Elementary introduction to Euclidean CFT in d>2 dimensions - the Osterwalder -Schrader theorem about the Wick rotation of general reflection-positive Euclidean Quantum Field Theories, and its limitations - the Luescher-Mack theorem about continuation of CFT correlation functions to the Lorentzian cylinder, and its limitations - recent results about the analytic structure of Lorentzian CFT correlators. More information: Course URL: Related references: and .
Année de publication : 2019
Conférence - Cours : 2019-09-27 / 2019-10-18
Langue : Anglais

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