Publication : t15/141

Consistent Modified Gravity Analysis of Anisotropic Galaxy Clustering Using BOSS DR11

Song Y.S. ()
Taruya A. ()
Linder E. ()
Koyama K. (Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth PO1 2EG, England UNITED KINGDOM (UK))
Sabiu G. ()
Zhao G.B. ()
Bernardeau F. (CEA, IPhT (Institut de Physique Théorique), F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, France)
Nishimichi T. ()
Okumura T. ()
We analyse the clustering of cosmic large scale structure using a consistent modified gravity perturbation theory, accounting for anisotropic effects along and transverse to the line of sight. The growth factor has a particular scale dependence in f(R) gravity and we fit for the shape parameter f_{R0} simultaneously with the distance and the large scale (general relativity) limit of the growth function. Using more than 690,000 galaxies in the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopy Survey Data Release 11, we find no evidence for extra scale dependence, with the 95% confidence upper limit |f_{R0}| <8 times 10^{-4}. Future clustering data, such as from the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, can use this consistent methodology to impose tighter constraints.
Année de publication : 2015
Preprint : arXiv:1507.01592
Langue : Anglais

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