28emes rencontres Itzykson: Analytic results in Conformal Field Theory from September 10 to 12 2024 at IPhT-Saclay  


Since the 1980s, many exact results have been discovered in 2d CFT, from critical exponents to correlation functions to complete solutions of certain models. In d>2, there is a wealth of numerical results as well as promising analytic approaches, but comparably fewer exact answers.

The aim of this conference is to review the most promising analytic methods and results in CFT in any dimension. In particular we will try to understand to which extent the 2d methods can be extended to d>2, and what is missing to exactly solve d>2 CFTs.


  • Fernando Alday
  • Colin Guillarmou
  • Yifei He
  • Gregory Korchemsky
  • Petr Kravchuk
  • Elli Pomoni
  • Ingo Runkel 
  • Hubert Saleur
  • Volker Schomerus
  • Xin Sun
  • Emilio Trevisani
  • Philine van Vliet

Registration: The conference is in person only, and limited to 45 participants, who are supposed to attend all the talks. People who would like to participate should fill the registration form no later than June 10th. Registrations will be accepted or declined no later than June 15th. 

Organizers: Dalimil Mazac, Sylvain Ribault

Acknowledgements: This conference is supported by IPhT Saclay, and by the ERC Starting Grant 853507



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