Celebration of IPHT's 60 years birthday  
The Institute of Theoretical Physics (IPhT), formerly SPhT, is internationally known for the excellence of its scientific research, but has also a very ancient history. Its evolution is inextricably linked to that of the CEA and is almost as old. Its adventure began in 1947 with a small group of physicians passionated for abstraction, and to date more than 500 people have shared the life of the Institute, as well as the many visitors from all over the world. Today, 48 permanent researchers, 25 graduate students and 30 postdoctoral fellows, as well as the support staff, work at IPhT.


The Institute's 60th anniversary is therefore a major milestone. They were celebrated in the form of an anniversary on 9 and 10 November 2023 for all those who have led the adventure of theoretical physics within the Institute. Prestigious external personalities were also invited to the event. Lectures and testimonies by eminent members of the IPhT have alternated with intense and convivial moments of reunion between old and new members.

A photo exhibition and film screenings have given everyone the chance to remember the good memories of the past in a warm and friendly atmosphere. A dinner offered to all members of the Institute has closed the celebration.

You can find the full programme of festivities here:

Site des 60 ans de l'IPhT

The IPhT's 60th anniversary event has been approved for the Year of Physics 2023 and powered on its site:
Site de l'année de la Physique

You can also find out more about this event on the CEA/DRF website:
Article du site de la DRF

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