Monica Guica receives the CNRS bronze medal for the year 2023!  


Since 2016 Monica Guica has been working at the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Saclay (CEA/CNRS) in the field of the relation between quantum gravity and conformal quantum theories. In particular, she explores the correspondence between quantum gravity on a spacetime and certain field theories based on the edge of the first spacetime. Using a term used in optics, this correspondence is called "holographic" because all the information contained in a black hole is coded on its surface.

This medal rewards her work, in particular that on the integrable deformation of type "J TBar" (J being a current and TBar a component of the tensor-energy impulse) of a two-dimensional field theory invariant by conformal transformations [2].

Congratulations Monica!


  1. CNRS' announcement
  3. CEA/DRF's announcement
R. Guida, 2023-04-03 15:21:00


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