27th Itzykson Conference : Fluctuations far from Equilibrium  

We are glad  to inform  you that  the  27th ITZYKSON CONFERENCE will be held  from Wednesday, the 31st of May in the morning, to Friday the 2nd of June at the Institut de Physique Theorique (IPhT), CEA Universite de Paris-Saclay.

This year the ITZYKSON CONFERENCE will be devoted to "Fluctuations far from  Equilibrium".

You can find more details on the web-page dedicated to this event:

We hope that the conference will attract the interest of many participants.  We would be grateful if you could register at :
This will take you a very little time  but it will be of great help to us for practical matters.

Best regards,

Tomohiro Sasamoto, Laure Sauboy and  Kirone Mallick.

E. De-laborderie, 2023-03-21 15:39:00


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