Kirone Mallick winner of the 2022 Physics French Society (SFP) Paul Langevin Prize  


The jury of the Langevin Prize, meeting on 10 January 2023, awarded Kirone Mallick, physicist at the IPhT, the 2022 Langevin Prize of the French Physical Society for his remarkable work in statistical physics and concerning stochastic processes.

Kirone Mallick works at the Institut de Physique Théorique in Saclay (CEA/CNRS) in the field of non-equilibrium statistical physics. As a specialist in exact solutions, he develops analytical approaches in which one-dimensional exclusion models play an important role. His work combines physical intuition and mathematical dexterity in a remarkable way. The breakthroughs he has made on paradigmatic models of statistical physics use an arsenal of methods ranging from classical and quantum integrability to more macroscopic approaches focusing on fluctuations or large deviations. His work on single-file diffusion brilliantly illustrates the complementarity between these different methods. They have had a real impact on the community, and Kirone Mallick is  by now a leading international figure on issues related to stochastic processes in general. Finally, he is a luminous teacher, also appreciated for his activity around scientific mediation.

The Langevin Prize rewards theoretical work in all fields of physics.

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Congratulations to Kirone!

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