Arrival of Ben Wieder on next september  

imgWe are pleased to announce that Ben Wieder will arrive at the IPhT at the end of September 2022 on the position of permanent junior researcher.

Benjamin Wieder completed his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania with Charlie Kane in 2016.He was then a postdoc in Andrei Bernevig's group at Princeton University. He is currently a postdoc at MIT, working with T. Senthil among others. He is a theoretical physicist of condensed matter and more specifically of electronic properties in materials with topologically non-trivial band structure. He has worked on the combined aspects of geometry and topology in materials with complex nodal surfaces. He then studied the relationships between energy band connectivity of solids, structural chirality, topology and magnetism.

He collaborated with Zahid Hasan's group at Princeton to identify candidate materials with these new properties. He is a member of a collaboration whose goal is to classify all existing topological structures in real materials. He will bring new expertise to the IPhT in this rapidly growing field.

Welcome to Ben in our laboratory!

E. De-laborderie, 2022-06-17 15:12:00


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