"Les Houches" International School of Physics (July 29- August 23)  


Bertrand Eynard, Paolo Gregori, Dimitrios Mitsios and Soufiane Oukassi from the IPhT are among the organisers of the August 2024 session (29 July - 23 August) of the prestigious "Les Houches" International School of Physics.

The Les Houches Quantum Geometry School (Mathematical methods for gravity, gauge theories and non-perturbative physics) will bring together leading experts in theoretical physics. It will offer to 50 students from all over the world introductory courses covering topics such as quantum gravity, gauge theories and non-perturbative physics. These courses will focus on the methods of mathematical physics, in particular the theory of random matrices, topological recurrence, resurgence and moduli space.

This event is part of the ERC-SyG Project ReNewQuantum.


School website : https://houches24.github.io/

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