Next Carlo Heissenberg's arrival at IPhT!  


Carlo Heissenberg graduated with flying colors in 2019 from the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, the Italian twin sister of the Ecole Normale de Paris. His initial research focused on the infrared properties of gravitational theories and higher spin theories from the perspective of asymptotic symmetries, a topic that later found phenomenological applications in the context of gravitational wave studies.

It was during his first postdoctoral period at Nordita-Uppsala (2019-2023) that Carlo started working on gravitational wave physics using ideas borrowed from particle physics, such as scattering amplitudes and eikonal exponentiation in particular. He quickly became a leader in the field, publishing several important papers with world-famous physicists such as Gabriele Veneziano. Carlo's group achieved, for instance, the first complete calculation of the gravitational deflection angle to the third post-Minkowskian order in the Newton coupling constant expansion, while simultaneously resolving the high-energy limit problem that was puzzling the community.

In the meantime, Carlo was granted a Marie-Curie fellowship and moved to his second postdoc at Queen Mary, while continuing to work on gravitational wave physics, focusing on new observables (waveforms, angular momentum loss, effect of spins…) that could be calculated efficiently using scattering amplitudes techniques.

Carlo accepted an offer from the IPhT and will join the lab as a permanent member in Fall 2024.


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