One IPhT scientist involved in the top 10 breakthroughs of 2023!  


Researchers at the University of Innsbruck, working with a member of the IPhT, have succeeded in building a node of a quantum communication network and using it to transfer quantum information over a distance of 50 km using standard telecom fibers.

The physical platform that has been used was made of a pair of trapped calcium-40 ions, cooled and manipulated by laser to emit single photons. These photons, each of which is entangled with its 'parent' ion, are then converted to telecom wavelengths and sent to 25km-long optical fibres. At last, the ions are manipulated and measured, leaving the two photons separated by 50 km in an entangled state. The theory of this feat had been proposed in 2009. It seemed futuristic at this time, and now represents a step further towards the construction of quantum communication networks.

The journal Physics World considers this result, which was published in Physical Review Letters, to be one of the 10 most remarkable of 2023.

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Physics World

Congratulations to the IPhT researchers involved!

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