Arrival of Luc Blanchet  
We warmly welcome Luc Blanchet, who will be a regular visitor of the IPhT  during the next six month. 


 Luc is a Director of Research at the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris and a world-renowned expert in gravitational physics. His main contributions concern the two-body problem and the emission of gravitational waves by inspired neutron star and black hole binaries. His investigations are are grounded on the so-called post-Newtonian expansion and have been crucial in developing an accurate description of the inspiralling phase of binary systems.

In particular, his predictions were instrumental in developing the templates that enabled the groundbreaking detection of gravitational waves by LIGO and Virgo. For his outstanding achievements, he has received several important awards, including the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics in 2016 and the Jean Ricard Prize in 2020. His current research is at the frontier of this exploding field and covers a very wide range of its aspects. He will bring his enthusiasm and strong expertise to the developing activities on gravitational waves at IPhT and, more broadly, at CEA.




E. De-laborderie, 2022-02-01 09:59:00


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