Resurgence Methods and Applications
Ricardo Schiappa
IST, ULisboa
Fri, May. 20th 2022, 10:00
(voir dans annonce),
Online only lecture \\ \\ The program of the lectures will include: \\ 1. Introduction \\ 2. Toy Models for Resurgent Analysis \\ 3. Lefschetz Thimbles, Borel Transforms, Resummations \\ 4. Multidimensional Resurgence and Resonance \\ 5. Alien Calculus Revisited \\ 6. Advanced Applications and String Theory \\ For the complete course program and schedule, please see the course page: \\ WARNING: All the four lectures will be broadcast, but please take note that only the first two lectures (13th and 16th of May) will be in-person (at the IPhT). \\ Non-interactive livestream on no subscription required. \\ Videoconference: subscribe to the course newsletter to receive links \\ In-person audience: facial mask compulsory.


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