Gravitational waves in a nutshell
Michele Vallisneri
Fri, Jun. 03rd 2022, 10:00-12:30
Salle Claude Itzykson, Bât. 774, Orme des Merisiers
The detection of gravitational waves (GWs) with ground-based interferometers opened a revolutionary vista on the Universe, upending our notions about the origin of stellar-mass black holes, and offering a spectacular multimessenger view of a binary neutron-star merger and of the ensuing radiation across the electromagnetic band.\\ \\ From a fundamental-physics standpoint, GWs provide experimental access to the strong-field regime of general relativity and to precision tests of modified gravity. This whirlwind tour of GW science is meant to give theoretical physicists and non-GW astrophysicists an appreciation of current topics of GW research, as well as an entry point to connect their work with GW applications or observations.\\ \\ The five lectures will cover:\\ GW propagation and detection\\ GW generation and waveform models\\ Astrophysical GW sources, with focus on the LIGO-Virgo catalog\\ GW data analysis, with focus on tests of GR\\ Cosmology and cosmography with GWs\\ Livestream on no subscription required\\ Videoconference: subscribe to the course newsletter on the website to receive links\\ courses page :\\


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