New book «Counting Surfaces» by Bertrand Eynard  

imgThe book "Counting Surfaces" by Bertrand Eynard just appeared in the collection "Progress in Mathematical Physics" by Birkhäuser. In 2015 Bertrand Eynard was the recipient of  the Chaire André Aisenstadt at CRM Montréal and gave courses to present his recent results. This book is published in connection with these courses. It presents the general theory of the enumeration of maps, of the counting of Riemann surfaces, its combinatorics, geometrical and topological aspects, and its connection with physics and mathematics (string theory, random matrix theory, algebraic geometry, integrable systems, topological recursion). This book is self contained and aims at graduate students as well as advanced researchers. It should hopefully  become quickly a classic! ...

F. David, 2016-05-10 00:00:00


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