Roger Balian and François David interviewed on quantum physics  


In December 2013, we interviewed two of our eminent scientists, Roger Balian and François David, about the foundations of quantum mechanics.  We have used the 17 questions ( educed to 15) of Maximilian Schlosshauer in his book "Elegance and Enigma: The Quantum Interviews" in order to set up a context in which to ask the questions.  The result is a movie that you can watch on this site or on YouTube. Enjoy the show !

For more information:

Understanding quantum measurement from the solution of dynamical models, A. Allahverdyan, R. Balian, T. Nieuwenhuizen, Physics Reports 252 (2013) p. 1-166

The Formalisms of Quantum Mechanics, an introduction, F. David, Lecture Notes in Physics Vol. 893 (Springer 2015) ...

C. Pepin, 2014-11-25 00:00:00


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