Great success for the 17th annual meeting Itzykson!  


The 17th edition of the Itzykson meeting took place in IPhT on June 18-20 2012, and was devoted to dark energy and modified gravity. This is a topical subject in cosmology nowadays, as testified by the 2011 Nobel prize in physics which has been awarded to the discovery of the acceleration of the universe

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Twenty-six speakers coming from all over the world have presented the most recent advancement in dark energy and modified gravity both from the observational and the theoretical point of view: on one side, the forthcoming observational dark energy surveys have been presented, such as Euclid and Wiggle-Z, which will allow an extremely precise measurement of the properties of cosmic acceleration; on the other side, the latest theoretical proposals for modifying gravity have been debated, such as massive gravity, chameleons and galileons theories.

Two discussions sessions where organized, with a lively and constructive interaction among the panel members and the audience, composed by about 130 participants.

Contacts IPhT: Philippe Brax, Chiara CapriniFilippo Vernizzi (IPhT - CEA/Saclay)

Contact Columbia University: Lam Hui (Columbia U. - New York)

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