Buses to Saclay - Leaving IPhT

Going from IPhT to RER B and Paris

  • The public buses 91.06B, 91.06C and 91.10 link CEA-Orme to Massy Palaiseau RER in approximately 20 minutes. Last bus departs at 9:27 p.m. (note that you are supposed to leave the lab earlier than 8:30pm unless you have authorization to stay late; note also that the entrance gate closes at 9:00pm). Online schedule on vianavigo: fill in Orme des Merisiers, Saint-Aubin (departure) and Gare de Massy-Palaiseau (arrival).
  • The public bus line 9 links CEA-Orme to Le Guichet RER in approximately 15 minutes. Last bus departs at 8:28 p.m.. Online schedule on vianavigo: fill in Orme des Merisiers, Saint-Aubin (departure) and Gare du Guichet, Orsay (arrival).
  • Walking. We mention the possibility to reach the RER B stations Gif-sur-Yvette and La Hacquinière after a 25 min hike in the wood behind IPhT. Local colleagues will help you find your way.

CEA buses from Saclay to PARIS and Ile-de-France

CEA offers private direct buses starting early in the morning from Paris & Ile de France to CEA Saclay Gare Routière. Ask secretary for the full list of departure sites or have a look at CEA-Intranet-Infotrans. When the bell rings at 4:45 p.m., go to IPhT-Back where a bus will take you to Gare Routière.


  • CEA-Orme: is a short for the CEA site of Orme des Merisiers, located 3km south of the main CEA site of Saclay. Public bus stops "Orme des Merisiers" are on both sides of the road, 50 m ahead of the entrance to Orme des Merisiers.
  • CEA-Saclay: main CEA site where restaurants, administration and security reside.
  • IPhT (706-Sud): is a short for bus stop on the sud side of the bldg 706 (east side of the parking of IPhT: other side of the main road).
  • IPhT-Front: is a short for bus stop on the east side of the parking in front of the main entrance of IPhT, bldg 774.
  • IPhT-Back: is short for parking at the back of bldg 772, 50 meters from the west side exit of the IPhT building.
  • Le Guichet RER: here is short for "parking near Le Guichet RER ligne B station".
  • Massy Palaiseau RER: is short for main entrance of the Massy-Palaiseau RER B,C station.
  • Gare Routière: is a short for parking in front of Building 526, Saclay that is the arrival for CEA buses connecting CEA-Saclay to Paris and Ile de France.

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