A symposium in the honour of Jacques Bros
19-21 July 2004, Saclay (Paris area) France

We are pleased to announce a symposium which will take place in the Saclay Theoretical Group, in the Paris area, from Monday 19 to Wednesday 21, July 2004, in the honour of Jacques Bros at the occasion of his 70th birthday. The symposium aims to present recent results in the domain of Quantum Field Theory, mainly from the viewpoint of Mathematical Physics. It will be partly devoted to aspects related to Jacques's works, but is not restricted to the latter.The present program of lectures is given below. Shorter communications may be added. Wednesday (afternoon and possibly part of the morning) will present review lectures intended also to non specialists.

Participation is free and all scientists interested are welcome. Besides speakers mentioned below, we expect the participation of other colleagues and friends of Jacques.

If you wish to participate, please tell one of the three organisers at your earliest convenience (with copy to D.I. for practical purposes).

Detlev Buchholz      detlev.buchholz@physik.uni-goe.de
Daniel Iagolnitzer   iago@spht.saclay.cea.fr 
Ugo Moschella        ugo.moschella@uninsubria.it



SPhT-Saclay (Service de Physique Theorique, Saclay, DSM-CEA)

DIF (Daniel Iagolnitzer Foundation, under the aegis of Fondation de France)


BAHNS Dorothea (Hamburg) 
Field Theory on the Noncommutative Minkowski space: Quasiplanar
Wick products

BERTOLA Marco (Concordia)
Massless QFT on Two-dimensional De Sitter Space-Time

BRUNETTI Romeo (Hamburg) 
On the Locality Principle

BUCHHOLZ Detlev (Goettingen) 
Hot Bangs and the Arrow of Time: a Study of Non-Equilibrium States in
Relativistic QFT

D'ANTONI Claudio (Roma)
Short distance analysis for localizable and topological charges

DOPLICHER Sergio (Roma) 
Quantum Field Theory on Quantum Space-Time

Yang-Mills Algebras

EPSTEIN Henri (Bures-sur-Yvette)
Quantum Field Theory on Anti-De Sitter Space

FEWSTER Chris (York) 
Quantum Energy Inequalities and Stability Conditions in Quantum Field

FREDENHAGEN Klaus (Hamburg)
to be announced

GERARD Christian (Orsay)
Construction and Properties of the P(phi2) model at positive temperature

IAGOLNITZER Daniel (Saclay)*
The Analyticity Program in Traditional Quantum Field Theory

KOPPER Christophe (Ecole Polytechnique) kopper@cpht.polytechnique.fr
Renormalisation Theory based on Flow Equations

LECHNER Gandalf (Goettingen) lechner@theorie.physik.uni-goettingen.de
Nuclearity Properties of Theories with a Factorizing S-Matrix

LONGO Roberto (Roma)
Noncommutative Spectral Invariants and Black Hole Entropy

MOSCHELLA Ugo (Como)*   
Quantum Field Theory and the Cosmological Constant

MUND Jens (Rio)
String-Localized Quantum Fields from Wigner Representations

NARNHOFER Heide (Vienna)     
K-Systems and Anosov Structure for Non Commutative Algebras

PASQUIER Vincent (Saclay)    
Life-Time in De Sitter Space 

REHREN Karl-Henning (Goettingen) 
Holographic Reconstructions: a New Tool in Quantum Field Theory

RIVASSEAU Vincent (Orsay) 
Renormalisation of Non Commutative Quantum Field Theories

SCHROER Bert (Rio)
A proposal for an operational approach to the crossing property: the
"masterfield hypothesis"

STEINMANN Othmar (Bielefeld) 
Physical Fields in QED

STORA Raymond (CERN) 
Formal Perturbations of Free Fields:from E.G. to B.P.H.Z.

VIANO Giumberto (Genova)*
Complex Angular Momentum in General Quantum Field Theory

* review lectures on Wednesday (list to be possibly completed)


The Saclay Theoretical Group is located in the Paris area, 20 kms
South of Paris. It is easily reached from the centre of Paris by direct 
subway (RER B) up to the station Le Guichet (20-25 minutes), and then by 
bus (5-10 minutes).

Accommodation is easy during that period. Some possibilities are indicated 
below. Please directly contact the hotel or residence you prefer. Apart from 
Ibis-Alesia, TELL them you are a participant to our symposium (in order to 
benefit from reduced rates given below)

- hotel Ibis-Alesia in Paris (subway station Alesia, change at the station 
Denfert-Rochereau for RER B), nice 2-star hotel with all comfort 65 EUR (single 
or double), breakfast-buffet 6 EUR per person

Tel. 33 1 53904000    Fax  33 1 53904015

- hotel d'Orsay, good hotel, 2 minutes walk to the station Le Guichet of RER B, 
45 EUR (single), 50 EUR (double), breakfast(s) included

Tel. 33 1 64861747   Fax 33 1 64861748

- Centre de formation in the parc du CNRS, or (only for at least 8 nights) 
Chateau du CNRS in Gif-sur-Yvette, nice rooms and surroundings, 38 EUR (single) 
including breakfast; for at least 8 nights: 18 EUR (single), 36 (double, 2 
participants), 42 (double, one participant with accompanying person) 


Gif-sur-Yvette is also on RER B, 4 stations further from Paris. The Saclay 
Theoretical Group can be reached by a nice 20 minutes walk in the parc du CNRS 
(good walkers)