Michael Schick's 65th Birthday Meeting


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Soft Matter, Biology and Statistical Physics

Michael Schick's 65th Birthday

Les Houches, April 7-9, 2004

D. Andelman (
Tel-Aviv University), R. Netz (LMU, Munich), H. Orland (SPhT, Saclay)

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The program of this conference will be centered around recent advances in Soft Condensed Matter, Biological Physics and Statistical Physics. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in physics motivated by biological problems. Examples include the physics of polymers which has shifted in the direction of polyelectrolytes (charged polymers, synthetic or biological) as well as heteropolymers (as models of proteins or DNA and RNA). The physics of random surfaces, interfaces and wetting, has been applied to problems of membranes and biological vesicles. Many single molecule experiments have been performed to study mechanical or biological properties of DNA and RNA. In the same spirit, sophisticated experiments and theoretical models have been developed to study mechanical and thermodynamical properties of molecular motors. Electrostatic effects related to ion exchange in cellular membranes and to the properties of DNA in cells have renewed interest in the theoretical study of Coulombic fluids. Also, statistical physics methods have been used and applied to problems as diverse as DNA sequence alignment, genealogy, neural networks, immunology, analysis of expression levels in DNA arrays, etc... Many of the techniques used in these fields are derived from methods developed in Statistical Physics in the last decades.

This conference will bring together theoretical as well as experimental physicists working on biological physics, statistical physics and soft condensed matter.

This conference is also a great opportunity to honor prof. Michael Schick from the University of Washington in Seattle. In the last forty years, Michael has made fundamental contributions to statistical physics, soft matter physics and its applications to biology. In addition, Michael served as a mentor to numerous students, post-docs and colleagues. Michael is going to turn sixty five in March 2004, and many of his former collaborators have decided to honor him by this conference focused on subjects close to his research in condensed matter and biological physics.

The meeting, which is scheduled from April 7 (morning) to April 9 (evening), will consist of three main themes. One day will be devoted to Soft Matter/Complex Fluids, one day to Biological Physics, and one day to Statistical Physics applications to Biology.



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Michael Schick's 65th Birthday Meeting

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