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Mercredi 14 novembre 2018

String theory and quantum field theories



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String Theory in Greater Paris
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String theory and quantum field theories

String Theory is one of the important areas of research of the IPhT.

The main activity of the laboratory in this area covers compactifications of string theory, the structure of their low energy limits and its relation with Hitchin's generalized geometry, black hole geometries as ensembles of horizonless microstate solutions, the structure of supergravity and gauge theory amplitudes, as well as various aspects of the AdS-CFT correspondence.
Very closely related activities at IPhT are Liouville models, c = 1 and large-N matrix models, random matrices, integrability of N = 4 gauge theories, logarithmic conformal field theory and conformal field theory on non compact and/or super target spaces and particle physics beyond Standard Model.

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