Position postdoctorale en "Non unitary quantum field theories"

Projet : "Non-Unitary Quantum Field Theory"

Date limite : 15.01.2017

Description de l'emploi :

The Advanced ERC grant project NuQFT focusses on the understanding of the physical and mathematical aspects of non-unitary quantum field theories in 1+1 dimensions. Subtopics of interest include logarithmic conformal field theory, sigma models on supergroups, Liouville theory, the Bethe-ansatz for super spin chains, lattice models for the Integer quantum Hall plateau transition (and other classes of topological insulators), and statistical loop models.

Several postdoctoral positions will be open to work on this project with the PI, Dr H. Saleur. Candidates from mathematical physics, condensed matter physics and string theory are encouraged to apply. To do so, please send a cover letter and a CV to hubert.saleur@cea.fr with ERC-postdoc as subject. Please do not have letters of recommendation sent until you get a reply expressing interest.

The positions will be for 2+1 years with competitive salaries, and a comfortable travel package.

Date limite de candidature : 15 Janvier 2017.
Pour plus de renseignement contacter : hubert.saleur@cea.fr


Maj : 30/11/2016 (792)


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