Video portraits of IPhT researchers

Video portraits of IPhT researchers


François David: Presentation of IPhT





Marc Barthélémy: A physicist's approach to complex systems



Giulio Biroli:  Glassy and disordered systems



Mariana Graña:  Why String Theory ?



David Kosower:  Precision Calculations in the Search for Unification




Henri Orland : Statistical Physics of Some Biological Systems




Catherine Pépin:  What is so facinating about supraconductivity ?



Lenka Zdeborova: prix Irène Joliot-Curie 2018 de la Jeune Femme Scientifique:







Stéphane Lavignac: Neutrinos et physique des particules au-delà du Modèle Standard


#845 - Màj : 19/09/2019


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