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Dimer models and random tilings
Two-dimensional lattice models

5 – 10 October 2009

Session « États de la Recherche » SMF (5-7) & Statcomb 2009 workshop (8-10)
Institut Henri Poincaré, 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris

États de la Recherche : Cédric Boutillier, Nathanaël Enriquez
Statcomb 2009 : Jérémie Bouttier, Grégory Miermont

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The main purpose of the États de la Recherche SMF, which took place from Monday 5 till Wednesday 7 October, was to introduce a non-specialist audience to the recent developments in a branch of mathematics. Three mini-courses presented the different techniques used in the study of random tilings models, and stated the principal results of this research area.

Due to thematic proximity and pedagogical orientation, it seemed natural to couple the États de la Recherche SMF with the trimester Statistical physics, combinatorics and probability (“Statcomb 2009”) taking place at the Centre Émile Borel of the Institut Henri Poincaré. A workshop, organized within the trimester and generally devoted to statistical models on regular two-dimensional lattices, took place from Thursday 8 till Saturday 10 October (morning).


Lecture notes or slides are available here.

The États de la Recherche SMF featured three pedagogical mini-courses of 3h30 each :

as well as three introductory talks of 50 mn each by Sylvie Corteel, Julien Dubédat, Eric Nordenstam and Paul Zinn-Justin.

Speakers for the Statcomb 2009 “Two-dimensional lattice models” workshop were:

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