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Dimanche 21 janvier 2018

18th Itzykson Conference



Bus schedule

A bus will arranged from and to RER B Station Le Guichet. If you miss the conference bus, or are coming by car follow the instructions on the practical information page.


July 1
July 2
July 3
9:30 Bus from RER B Station Le Guichet
10:00Registration & CoffeeWarnerKomargodski
11:15:  Wells
Coffee break
13:00 Lunch
15:45 Coffee break
17:45 Wine & cheese receptionbreak
 19:00 Bus to RER B Station Le Guichet 18:00:  Bus to RER B Station Le Guichet

Titles of Talks

Speaker Title Files
Balasubramanian The entropy of holes in spacetime
Bobev New SCFTs from Wrapped Branespdf
Cvetic General Black Holes, Untwistedpdf
Fredenhagen On three-dimensional higher-spin gauge theoriespdf
Giusto From the worldsheet CFT to black hole microstate geometries pdf
Intrilligator Aspects of 3d, N=2 Chern-Simons Theoriespdf
Komargodski A Review of Recent Progress in the Areas of CFTs and RG Flowspdf
Kraus Progress in 3D higher spin gravitypdf
Liu Rigid Supersymmetric Backgrounds of Minimal Off-Shell Supergravity pdf
Papadodimas The infalling observer and the black hole information paradox in AdS/CFTpdf
Pasquetti 3d holomorphic blocks, q-cft correlators and 5d partition functionspdf
Pufu Monopole operators in 3d non-supersymmetric CFTs with many flavorspdf
Sagnotti String Theory, climbing scalars and the CMB pptx
Samtleben SO(9) supergravitypdf
Shih SCFTs and the Higgspdf
Taylor Constraints on supergravity, string/F-theory vacua, and elliptically fibered Calabi-Yau threefoldspdf
Verlinde Black Hole Information and Topological Entanglementpdf
Waldram The geometry of N=2 flux backgroundspdf
Warner Resolving the structure of black holespdf   |   keynote
Wells The Higgs Boson Discovery and the Road Aheadpdf

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